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Rohan Marley - Transition to Me

Understanding the man

My wife and I met him, I say “him” because we didn’t know who he was at this point, in the water off the Mexican Caribbean Coast in Puerto Morelos. We were all grinning like Cheshire cats, overlooking the beach, the restaurant, and the hotel. Intuitively, I felt I had to say something to him. “This is beautiful, look at this!”. I can't recall what his response was, but he nodded in agreement.

At first, we began engaging in the same small talk people use when someone meets another for the first time. I introduced my wife and I, and he introduced himself as “Rohan”, and she added into the conversation. She clued in, well before me, that we were talking to Ro Marley; the owner of the restaurant we were staring at and the son of Bob Marley. To be honest I knew very little about Bob Marley, his music, or his life. But what I did know is I had just met a seemingly pleasant authentic soul whom I wanted to meet and converse with again.

Before we concluded, we indicated we should meet again and refresh our conversation over drinks in the restaurant RoMarley Beach House. Out of curiosity, I did some research on Bob Marley, his music, his life, his political activism and philosophy. Over the next few days, we exchanged pleasantries and had small talks. I was starting to get a grasp of who Rohan Marley was.

On Tuesday, May 11th it was the fortieth anniversary of his father’s death. I sat with Rohan and we talked. We conversed about his dad, his work, and how he is trying to honor his father by continuing his legacy. It wasn’t until then that I really understood who he was.

I may be presumptuous but I believe Rohan has been on an evolving journey for most of his adult life. His basic philosophy is one of love and kindness to yourself and others. He believes that by changing an individual’s vibrational frequency, he can reconnect with their higher self and reignite the creator within.

Rohan has looked at his father’s belief system; he integrated it into a system of personal change and enlightenment inspired by his life, experiences and readings.

In this exploration, he is finding his father and ascertaining who he is and sharing his knowledge with the world that wants to listen.

“He is a changemaker”.

The RoMarley group is putting together a special event, the Sun House Retreat, in Puerto Morelos Mexico on June 15- 21 2021. The retreat will focus on the mental, physical and spiritual rejuvenation experience in a safe place to disconnect and reconnect to a higher frequency.

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